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Hello Everybody

We are Infotech Valley, at here we value human, organizational, and operational intelligence, not just artificial.

Infotech Valley is a leading international business technology company with solutions backed by a strong domain expertise to provide cost-effective comprehensive solutions for businesses. With over 350 current employees, Infotech Valley’s North American headquarters are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with global headquarter in Hyderabad, India.

We are committed to providing holistic solutions to our clients. By focusing on a core set of products and services, Infotech Valley is strategically positioned to partner with companies for the long term. Rather than providing point solutions that may only meet the needs in the short term, Infotech Valley assists our clients in developing sound business strategies that provide flexibility as well as adaptability. We feel this is at the foundation of all sound business-value based solutions. Infotech Valley knows the right questions to ask before our clients have thought of them. As a testament to the type of partner we are, over the last several years more than 80% of our revenue was derived from existing clients.

Whether your organization is in Asia, North America, or Europe, and whether it’s large, medium or small, each Infotech Valley client is assured impeccable professional service, consistent best-of breed solution delivery, and domain-centered solutions with exceptional value.

Company Profile-Key Facts

The energy of a start-up
A well-established expertise.

Now has nearly 100 employees in New York
Certifications from the best manufacturers
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Trusted by over 5.000 Brands Across the US
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Infotech Valley Goal

We will help you overcome your technology challenges

Infotech Valley’s goal is simple: to provide our client’s with top quality consulting services in a cost-effective, value-based manner. We use our deep technology experience to be an extension of your team. We add value by delivering quality work in a timely fashion.

We utilize technology to help our clients improve the way they do business. We don’t provide a single solution and make it fit the organization. We partner with our clients to develop advanced, long-term solutions that are built to meet their specific needs.

We take great pride in our work ethic and performance. As part of your team, we are with you every step of the way from project design and initiation, through rollout and analysis, and to final reports . We stand behind what we do.

Infotech Valley believes a company’s mission, vision, and values are as important to customers as they are to investors, executives, and employees. Everyday Infotech Valley’ employees strive to reach our vision, to support our mission, and to live our values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of technology and strategic solutions for the business across the vertical.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our clients to improve their services, business processes, and financial outcomes by providing quality service, proven solutions, and trusted expertise.

Our Values
  • Innovation and Creativity – we simply won’t stop challenging the way we deliver for our customers. We continuously reinvent our systems and ways of thinking corporately, and as individuals.
  • Ethics and Fairness – Our understanding is that by making the right decision, taking the right action we will have long-term value and staying power with our customers.
  • Competence and Excellence – Our Employees know that they make a choice each day to perform at their best, or to do something less. We understand that choosing the latter takes away from the richness of life, as well as the value our customers expect.
  • Service Attitude – We exist to add value to our business customers. We welcome customer requests, and certainly customer demands. We’re honored and energized to be tasked by some of the best companies in the world.