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Partner Program

The best way to grow is to partner with the right people. Infotech Valley is extending our partner program with individuals, groups as well as companies. If you have a project and/or service where you need Resources, HR, Payroll, Invoicing, Payment collection, and Professional and General liability as well as all other business insurances required by end client, Also Corporate and business attorney to protect the business and its risk, as well immigration services for the resources. You can leave everything to us, and all you need is to concentrate to execute the project; We achieve great things, together. Please call at 610-419-9034 or email details to info@infotechvalley.com. We are open to listen to your ideas and proposal.

Referral Program

There is no superior kind word than a referral! If you know someone looking for a highly paid job in Technology? Looking to transfer H1B visa to secure a better paid job and a fast-track immigration process? Tell a friend about us and take hold of our referral bonus program! Any referral of yours that we convert is an extra cash in your pocket.

Employee Referral Bonus Program

Earn bonuses through our Consultant Referral Program! Infotech Valley continues to grow largely due to referrals from our consultants. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us find the best talent in the market. Please invite your friends and employees to work at Infotech Valley. All employees of Infotech Valley and their friends are eligible for a lucrative employee referral bonus.

The following is the InfoTech Valley Referral policy if you refer a candidate:

Referral Fee for billable candidate who is currently overseas – $500.00
Referral Fee for billable candidate who is currently in U.S. – $1000.0

Referral fees will be paid over 12 months from the start date in four equal instalments payable every 3 months from start date of employment of candidate. 25% of the referral fees will be paid on completion of each quarter. To earn full 100% of the referral fee, the candidate has to be gainfully employed with Infotech Valley for 12 months.

To refer a candidate, you must email the resume/contact details to hr@infotechvalley.com, On the subject indicate “Employee Referrals”.  or please call at 610-419-9034 to speak with HR.